People Say About | I Spent Years Trying To Photograph Moments Of “Catisfaction”
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I Spent Years Trying To Photograph Moments Of “Catisfaction”

Since the very beginning, when I started my first cat-project in 2015, I’ve always tried to catch cats’ expressions of satisfaction – that I call ‘Catisfaction’- a sort of happy face or feeling.

This is what I like the most, when cats show some kind of happiness. So many people say that cats don’t smile as dogs do… well this is the proof that cats can smile as well!

Here is a selection of photos from different cat-projects I’ve realized during these years that resumes what Catisfation looks like.

#1 Fumo Catisfied

Fumo Catisfied

#2 Nappone Catisfied

Nappone Catisfied

#3 Ziggy Catisfied

Ziggy Catisfied

#4 Eusebio Catisfied

Eusebio Catisfied

#5 Bottadiculo Catisfied

Bottadiculo Catisfied