People Say About | Three Fashion Tips for Coping with The Cold
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Three Fashion Tips for Coping with The Cold

Winter has a unique habit of dragging us down. It is dark, it is cold, and worst of all it is rainy. Don’t underestimate the power of the misting rain, either, as this can end up making you colder than a downpour, simply because when it rains down hard you take the proper precautions. When you are dealing with mist or fog, you aren’t likely to bring an umbrella, and even if you did it might not be effective at keeping you dry.

It is being damp, after all, that can make our winters so cold and unwelcoming, but thankfully as the temperature rarely dips that far below 0, you can actually start dressing to accommodate for it. Knowing what fabrics to wear and how to style your outfits can help you stay warm throughout the season:

Wear Wool or Similar Fabrics

Wool is one of the best insulating materials out there. Some wool is better than others. For example, cashmere is very insulating and soft, meaning you can use less of it for a warmer experience than a regular wool sweater. Before you marry yourself strictly to wool during the winter know that there are many other high-performing fabrics that can keep you warm and dry, so read up on your options and always check the care label for the material list before you buy your next winter coat.

Fashion tips to wrap up for the winter
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Layer Up for Stylish Warmth

Want to look stylish? Want to actually be warm in the coldest of year? The answer is to layer. With layers, you can control your body temperature throughout the day, and the more layers you have the greater control over this you will have. Wear an undershirt, shirt, sweater, blazer, coat, and you will be very toasty in even a snowstorm. As you are wearing layers, this will then mean a dynamic, interesting look even if you have to button up. Invest in a good hat, scarf, and gloves. Bare skin will seep out heat, making you feel cold, so find some stylish options that can keep your head, neck, and hands nice and toasty.

Invest In a Warm Coat

Any old coat won’t do. A coat that is made of the wrong material can weigh you down and get soaked in the UK before you have a chance to even regret your purchase. That is why you need not just a great looking coat, but one that is made of a material that will naturally insulate you and keep you warm and dry throughout the winter. This will mean looking away from the high street to online brands like Gloverall, who pride themselves on luxury materials and UK-based craftsmanship designed to offer you coats that will keep you warm and last for years.

Take our winters seriously and you will be able to stay warm and be stylish every single day. Invest in the right garments and go through the effort of winterising your gear and you will be good to go.